New reports claim that Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend, Brian Randall, have called off their wedding.

According to Gossip Cop, the actress, and her fiancée put their wedding on hold, but these rumors are fake. They say the actress “has gotten cold feet” at the thought of getting married. Close friends are advising her not to hurry and think things through, as her boyfriend had DUI almost 20 years ago.

“Sandy must be seeing things in Bryan that love blinded her to before,” continues the report. They say she weighs on Brian being the right man for her or not.

Actually, the reports are fake in the sense that the actress and her boyfriend weren’t planning a wedding in the first place.

Last month, the same site made the same report on her love life.

There were also claims the wedding was set for the Spring of 2017, where close family and friends were invited.

There are also rumors they two have grown apart over the many little fights they have. Some of the fights are said to be regarding the actress’ children.

The couple has been dating for more than two years now and there were claims things between them were getting serious.

Sandra was married before. Her last marriage ended up pretty badly after her then-husband cheated on her.

Brian is a photographer and has been running his own company, Bryan Randall Photography. In the 90’s, he used to be a model for magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and for Yves Saint Laurent.