The tourism in Turkey might face some serious problems following the attacks on New Year’s night club Reina in Istanbul, especially because the number of tourists started to drop significantly since 2014, reports CNN.

Turkey occupied the sixth position in the ranking of the most popular tourist destinations, after Italy, with nearly 40 million visitors per year.

The number of tourists plummeted after the failure of the coup, the attacks initiated by the Kurdish militants and the plots conducted by ISIS.

According to the company ForwardKeys travel intelligence, the number of tourists who arrived in the airports of Turkey decreased by 21% in 2016.

Even before the last attack in Istanbul, the number of visitors was expected to decline 22% in the first months of 2017.

‘Unfortunately for Turkey, the attack on the nightclub will continue to arouse concerns about the safety of the destination’, said chief executive of ForwardKeys, Oliver Jager.

Data analysis shows that ForwardKeys online reservations for Istanbul fell by 69% in the week following the bombing of the airport from June.

Tourism represents 5% of the Turkish economy. This sector generates nearly two million jobs or 8% of the jobs, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council Forum.

Most visitors come to Turkey from Germany, Russia, and Britain, according to Euromonitor.

The number of Russian visitors dropped sharply after Moscow took a series of measures to discourage Russian citizens to travel to Turkey for eight months after the Turkish armed forces have shot down a Russian war plane in December 2015.