BMW is breaking the barriers by initiating a new strategy for the autonomous field

BMW is planning to join the autonomous manufacturing industry and wants to do this as fast as possible

BMW plans to offer fans a sneak peak regarding their new business strategy.

CES 2017 is the first event of the year where all the most important innovations in the sphere of technological are unveiled.

According to international media, the German car manufacturer plans to collaborate with Mobileye and Intel to create their own autonomous cars.

The German brand will prepare an initial batch of 40 machines equipped with sensors and hi-tech computers.

The partnership between the three companies should not represent a surprise.

Intel became a member of this triangle since it started to invest resources in the automotive industry.

Mobileye will contribute to BMW’s autonomous project by creating a visual recognition system installed afterward onboard.

The autonomous field became an extremely popular field in the research industry because such vehicles have an extremely high potential of reducing or even eliminating accidents that occur daily.

In addition, such a technology has the potential to reduce congestion.

These new BMW cars will have two driving modes. Ease mode, where the system will automatically take control and drive the car, and the Boost mode, where the driver will be able to take control.

Ease mode is when the system will automatically take control and drive the car.Boost mode, where the driver will be able to take control.

Boost mode is when the driver will be able to take control.

These companies are all part of the Here consortium and whose co-founders are BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

Here offers maps and other information in terms of progress in the field of autonomous cars.

Mobileye and Intel also joined the conglomerate.

Yesterday, Reuters wrote that according to an application applied to the German Competition Authority.

Intel plans on buying a stake in the digital map company HERE controlled by BMW, Audi, and Mercedes.

The three leaders hope that through their collaboration, fully automated cars will be in production by 2021.