They are still fighting over the custody of their six children and their impressive commonwealth, but are they still in love with each other?

Between Angelina Jolie (41) and Brad Pitt (53), there is a literal soap-opera going on, writes US magazine “Star”.

The rumor regarding a fling between blonde Kate Hudson (37) and Angie’s ex-husband is being fueled more and more.

And as usual, Angelina is not the most retained person when it comes to responding to these rumors.

The most interesting part of this scandal is that Angelina Jolie already took care of the situation and she managed to send Kate a not-so-subtle message.

“Take your hands off my man …!”, something like this sounded the warning Angelina sent to Kate through a common friend.

Even if on September 15, Angelina and Brad separated their paths, after the American actress filed for divorce and accused Brad that he traumatized their children, apparently the ‘Salt’ star is not doing so well and she misses her ex-husband.

A close friend of the actor revealed that the blonde found his happiness in the arms of Kate Hudson.

American magazine ‘Woman’s Day’ wrote that Hudson is the mystery woman from the actor’s life, who managed to make him smile again.

‘Kate is Brad’s mystery woman. They became very close in these recent weeks after several secret meetings’, revealed the source.