Back in 2005, Nemanja Vidic came to the Manchester United team. He was announced on the Christmas day, but it took about ten more days to complete his official naming as part of the team.

Fans of the team didn’t realize how important his arrival was. At that time, social media wasn’t as important and popular as it is now, therefore there wasn’t so much knowledge of what he really was capable of.

Nor him or teammate, Patrice Evra, arrivals were looked up really good. People weren’t confident about them.

Evra expressed his wish to return to the Old Trafford and many are excited about his choice. His Instagram account brought fans nostalgia about the days he was part of the Old Trafford team.

The two players created a strong bond in the team and their strong personalities could’ve been seen in their game.

Nemanja Vidic played for 38 times in his first season at the Manchester United. In the majority of the games, with four exceptions, Rio Ferdinand was there too. Then, Alex Ferguson found a great partnership.

Now, Jose Mourinho is looking for a strong bond. He already found one in the midfield, that have definitely brought advantages, but in the defense, he also got the opportunity to form another one.

Since the beginning of the season, he tried seven different partnerships, but he had no luck in creating a great one. Eric Bailly and Daley Blind brought a choice in August and three wins in the Premiere League. The partnership didn’t work out, because Bailly was altered.

In recent times, Jones and Rojo have been a surprise thanks to their quality that stood over time.

However, even if he didn’t manage to make a strong partnership, Mourinho has lots of good players in the team.