As her husband is preparing to the leave the White House, people feel sad about their departure. The First Lady inspired millions during the eight years. Her intelligence and not only have made many admire her.

In the eight years, she managed to bring awareness about childhood obesity, veteran employment and fight for girls’ right to study in the underdeveloped countries.

At the 2017 School Counselor of the Year, Michelle was honored. She delivered a heartfelt speech as she received it.

Back in 2015, Barack Obama initiated the ceremony that is meant to express gratefulness for high school counselors that have proved to have great leadership skills. The ceremony is part of “Reach Higher”, a program launched by Michelle to promote education.

In the time spent at the White House, Michelle held lots of interesting events. She promoted education, healthy life, fitness and military families.

She had a vegetable garden and often held meetings with children to help them see the advantages of a healthy life. The kids learned how to pick veggies and cook them. These activities proved to be fun and children loved them.

Many students were invited to the White House for cultural events, such as theater or musical performances.

Donald Trump is going to became an official president in less than two weeks. In the past year, Michelle voiced her opinion on Trump, on how his insensitive and sexist comments on women made her speechless.

The FLOTUS also opened up about what she will miss the most about the White House.

Michelle will make one last appearance on Wednesday at “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”.