Kim Kardashian is not the only celebrity who became the victim of a theft in the French capital.

On Thursday evening during Wendy Williams’ show, the former supermodel revealed that she was the victim of an attack in Paris as well, reports Daily Mail.

The former runway queen aged 48 confessed that she went through some terrible moments four years ago.

According to Naomi, after she fled to Paris to get together with her friend, designer Azzedine Alaia, a group of thieves attacked her in front of a store.

They followed her from the airport and they expected the perfect moment to attack her and threaten that they would kill her. The incident occurred in November 2012.

“I went to the car and I noticed that my usual driver was not behind the wheel.  It was strange because he had all the windows down and I also felt a strange perfume. All the windows were open, although it was November “, she said.

“They followed me from the airport and after they attacked me, they opened the car door and told me: Naomi Campbell we will kill you,” recalls the fashion icon.

Apparently, the criminals wanted her bag but she refused to give it away because she had all her documents in it.

Naomi’s luck was that she was in front of Alaia’s store and the designer came to her rescue.

Also, the ebony-skinned supermodel said she did not want to publicize this incident, but she felt very sorry for Kim’s traumatizing incident.

Kim (36) was robbed in Paris in October last year by a group of men, who stole 5.2 million worth jewelry.

The thieves were dress in police officers and stormed the luxury apartment building.