Jamie Oliver has to close six of his Italian restaurants. As he does that, he blames Brexit and the “rising costs” for it.

The restaurants are located in Exeter, Ludgate, Aberdeen, Cheltenham, Richmond (London) and in Tunbridge Wells. About 120 employees will remain without a job.

The Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group declared on Friday that the restaurants will be closed in the first quarter. It also stated that they will try to finds jobs for the staff affected at some of their other restaurants.

Simon Blagden, chief executive, said that Brexit affected everyone and things like this happen during this times. The restaurant market is tough.

The majority of British businesses finished the year good. Sales growth were encountered at the end of the year “because we refuse to compromise on the quality and provenance of our ingredients and our commitment to training and developing our staff”.

The fall of the pound is blamed for the closing. They say it made it harder to purchase ingredients from Italy.

Jamie experienced business problems before. Last summer, the company that took care of his Australian restaurants left him with a great debt. The Keystone Group left a $34 million debt. After that, Oliver distanced from the company.

In spite of this flop, Jamie has a remarkable fortune, £240 million from business ventures. He sold over 10 million copies of his books and has 30 television programmes. In UK he has 42 restaurants and 28 in other countries. He also has lots of fans, his Instagram account has 5,3 million followers.