According to scientists a large iceberg is going to split from Antarctica and will flow into the ocean. The iceberg is as big as Delaware.

In the past few month the rift started to form and during December, the process started to happen faster. The rift happened over the Larsen C part of Antarctica.

The iceberg that has about 5,000 square kilometers is held by only 20 kilometers of ice. A researcher from Swansea University said that if this won’t happen in the next months, he will be amazed. The split can happen at any time.

He also said the rift is inevitable, given how close to calving it is.

The iceberg is massive and once it breaks, it will be one of the ten largest ones in history.

Researchers think that ice is the only thing that stops Larsen C from collapsing. This area is really important, it classes lots of ice and is the fourth largest area of Antarctica.

The ice floats in the Western side of Antarctica and it acts like a stopper for glaciers that come from the ocean. The shelf is 350 meters thick.

The researchers believe the whole stability of the area can be affected by the iceberg: “The calving of this large iceberg could be the first step of the collapse of Larsen C ice shelf, which would result in the disintegration of a huge area of ice into a number of icebergs and smaller fragments”, said David Vaughan from the British Antarctic Survey.

This isn’t the only time something like this occurs. In 1995 and in 2002 ice shelves collapsed.

Now, all the researchers can do is monitor the area. If it is going to break, it could definitely bring bad news.