Quarterback Tom Brady just teamed up with Under Armour to bring you pajamas that guarantee a better night of sleep.

Kevin Plank, CEO and founder of the brand, announced this Friday during his speech at the Consumer Electronics Show the ‘Athlete Recovery Sleepwear’. The item features bioceramic particles that reflect waves as the one producing during the sleep.

The pajamas for women have prices that start at $59.99 and could reach $99.99. The ones for men are priced between $79.99 and $99.99.

The CEO said the product is more than just pajamas, it is an “advantage.”

Brady said numerous times that sleep is a great part of his training regimen. He is very successful and he is known for his healthy lifestyle. Brady stars in a promo for the pajamas.

Under Armour wishes to promote sleeping patterns. Now, they will update their app so their consumers can have a better sleep.

Under Armour also launched running shoes that will tell your legs’ fatigue level. They will be available for preordering on February 1st. “Our ambition is to go beyond telling you what you did and to begin to tell you what you should do,” said Plank. Michael Phelps is the image of the shoes.

The company experienced a sales decrease in the past year. Now, is located on number three after Adidas and Nike on the sports brands list.

Plank is sure the new products will increase the brand’s productivity. The company also has several apps and wearables. Plank wants his firm to reinvent fitness and wellness.