The Basketball player has a reputation for tripping other players. Recently, he was suspended “indefinitely” after  such an event.

Last year, he was involved in two incidents. After on December 21 he kicked Steven Santa Ana from Elton, he got suspended, but not for much.

After missing just one game, he returned. Duke lost that time to Virginia Tech.

On the latest game, on Saturday, as they played against Boston College, Allen did it again. As he extended his leg, an opponent stumbled. Connar Tava was the one involved.

ESPN interviewed ACC and found out that they believe it was intentional. “There is nothing conclusive that can be determined”, said the ACC.

Allen’s team, the Blue Devils, won the game with a score of 93 to 82. The game took place at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

All the incidents caused by Allen, made him lose the captaincy. The player will be closely watched now, if something like this happens again, he could face some problems again. The team won’t be so indulging the next time.

Allen is a really good junior player. Even if he is that good, people believe he should have been punished tougher. Coach K is the one that is blamed for being so indulgent. He should have taken actions against someone who is affecting his team’s image and who is a two-time recidivist.

On Twitter, people already shared their thoughts.“GAllen learned his unsportsmanlike acts are OK by Duke, Coach K and ACC. Talent was chosen over character again,” wrote one user. There were some that defended the coach’s decision.