J.R Smith from Cleveland Cavaliers announced that his wife gave birth way to early than her due date. Smith and wife Jewel Harris welcomed their third child, a daughter.

On January 7, the NBA player, took to social media to announce the birth of his daughter. “We decided to share with the world what’s been going on with our family the past five days,” said Smith in a video posted on Uninterrupted’ Twitter account. The baby has now five days and weighs one pound. Her name is Dakota.

His wife is featured in the video too. The both are sad about the early birth and ask fans for support and prayers during this tough times. They wish their baby will be healthy. “Please keep us in your prayers, and we’ll do the same for everyone else,” added the couple. They both looked shaken. 

They explained they wanted to share the news because they know other people have been through this.

The couple has been married since August 2015. They have two more daughters, Peyton and Demi.

The two announced the pregnancy in October via social media” “One more surprise, we’re having another baby”. Then, the 31-year-old basketball player also revealed he renewed his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Smith took a break from the game, as in December he suffered a surgery for a fractured thumb. He will probably return on the court in three months.

Fans are praying for their baby’s well-being and are by the couple’s side.