This week, CES 2017 took place and hundreds of new gadgets were introduced. The ones that have been the most popular were robots.

Various models were presented, starting from robots that make coffee, to Albert Einstein that has facial expressions and moves.

Some of them are able to fold clothes, turn on or off lights, handle daily chores and project a movie. All of them are designed to make your life easier. They can become your personal assistant.

Hanson Robotics is responsible for the Albert Einstein one. The Founder of the company, David Hanson said that “personal assistants can finally understand you”. His Albert Einstein robot will be available in the spring for $299. Hanson also added that in time it wants its robots to take over science.

UBTECH robotics launched a “humanoid” robot, that responds to voice commands. The device can be purchased at the middle of the year.

Asia is the main creator of robots. Many come from China and Japan. From Silicon Valley comes Mayfield Robotics.

A company from China created a barista robot, that “can come out and talk to the customers about what they feel”.

An industrial robot can pour candy. It is created by Waybot, who hopes in time their device will be able to do everything for the owner, “get you a beer, clean the floor or do some grocery shopping”.

Davis Hanson said it wants the robots to care, so that they can have a positive bond with the owners. They want to create a combination of artificial intelligence with deep learning. Steve Crowe from “Robotics Trends” believes Hanson Company is one of the best and their products resonate with customers.