The reality TV star went through a traumatizing event while she was in Paris for fashion week. On October 3rd, as she was standing in her hotel room, she was hold at gunpoint. $11 million worth of jewelry was stolen from her.

The event left the star traumatized after she feared for her life.

The burglars haven’t been identified just yet, but according to French reports, 16 suspects that may have something to do with Kardashian’s robbery have been arrested. While some of them weren’t restrained for much, some are still being held for questioning.

Among the jewelry stolen was a 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring, that Kim flaunted on social media days before the incident. The ring was given to her by husband Kanye West.

The period following the robbery was tough for the star, she had to receive professional counseling. A source close to her told E! News that during this tough times, her family and friends were by her side.

“Kim is very paranoid still when she is alone. She has been having flashbacks and hasn’t been sleeping well,” added the insider.

Now, the star is doing much better and has even returned to social media after her three months’ hiatus.

A new video from the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians shows Kardashian how she struggles after the incident. Also featured is how she learns about Kanye’s hospitalization through phone call. The star starts crying. The show will return in March after it was on hold.