Seven years ago, Obamacare was implemented by the president and the Democrats. Now that another president will take Obama’s place at the White House and that Republicans will rule and not Democrats, everyone is wondering what will happen with the program.

Republicans are blaming the Democrats for a health care law that does not have their shared support. One of the GOP’s main concern is changing this law. But this might bring bad news for the American health care system. The health insurance of more than 20 million people could be in danger.

 While Obama and the Democrats said that they are willing to give the Republicans the chance to change Obamacare, they refused since they don’t want to make the same mistake in “passing a bill that was not supported in a bipartisan way” (Mike Leavitt).

Obama also said that he is willing to let them change the name of it.  The president  offered to give strategic advice, but they have refused, since they want to replace the law.

Donald Trump declared before that he is going to change the health system into “something terrific”. One of the first issues that Trump is going to take care of after January 20 is respect his promise from the elections: he will do something about Obamacare.

Mike Pence, future Vice President, talked with Republican lawmakers to get rid of the law.

Donald Trump thinks the law is a disaster and a failure. “Poor coverage and massive premium increases”, said the president-elect in a post on Twitter.

Both parties blame each other, while Republicans don’t like the fact that Obamacare is produced by the Democrats, the Democrats blame Trump and are sure the health care system will be ruined.

The citizens and the ones that take part of Obamacare will have to wait until Trump takes over the White House to see.