Falcon 9 rocket launching was postponed due to adverse weather conditions

The adverse weather conditions postponed to January 14 the resumption of launching Falcon 9 rocket, owned by US company SpaceX, which remained on the ground after the accident occurred last September, as Elon Musk’s company reported on Sunday in a message on Twitter, quoted by AFP.

SpaceX expected the launching to take place on Monday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Ten small satellites of Iridium mobile communications company were to be launched using the rocket.

“The launching was delayed because of the strong winds and rain that has befallen the Vandenberg base,” said SpaceX. “The possibility of launching Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled for January 14,” the company added in a tweet.

A test of the Falcon 9 rocket engine conducted last week paved the way for the resumption of space flights. SpaceX said on Monday in a press release that the investigation of the accident on September 1, occurred during filling the static test engines with fuel.

This action resulted in a fault in one of the three containers that stored helium under pressure and was located inside the tank with liquid oxygen, on the second floor of the rocket.

SpaceX hoped for a resumption of the Falcon 9 rocket launching, first in November, then on December 16, the date being postponed later in January.

Falcon 9 spectacular explosion from Cape Canaveral destroyed a satellite worth 200 million dollars belonging to the Israeli company Spacecom. A satellite channel was to be used by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, together with the French operator Eutelsat, to deliver Internet access in sub-Saharan Africa.