A 11-year-old girl from Spanish Lake has agreed to test a robotic arm. The Washington University School gave her the robotic arm with just a few conditions: she has to keep it dry, change the batteries and turn it off when she is not using it.

The researchers will take ten children who are going to test the robotic arm. The kids will have to figure out on their own how to properly use it.  Delanie Gallagher is the first one to put it to test. The scientists are trying to create prosthetic limbs.

In America, there are about 20% people that use prosthetic limbs in the total of 540,000. What researchers are trying to do is create one that won’t stop functioning or won’t get in the way of the one using it.

Delanie uses a prosthetic arm that is created with a 3-D printer. Unlike other models that have a high cost, this one is just a few hundred dollars. The arm has one sensor and that enables children to use it much better.

A researcher from the lab said that while others try to develop models that try to reproduce the natural limb, all they want to do is create something that will be used much efficiently. They also want simple models, that can be modified faster.

Delanie’s mother said her daughter has two more prosthetic arms, but they are completely useless. Delanie has succeeded to make many great things with her stump: she can color, tie her shoelaces, play the piano, tie and braid her hair.

One of Delanie’s friends said he likes the robotic arm, but she can do just fine without it.

Delanie learns how to do new things all the time and maybe the robotic arm will help her do much more and will help other children in her situation.