The negative effects of excessively using social media

Social networks have emerged as a modality to keep in touch with friends and share with them the most important moments in life.

The results of the latest study conducted by Kaspersky Lab shows, however, that social media actually triggers negative emotions and feelings.

Our rush for feedback and appreciation plays a central role in social media; 42% of social media users stated they are jealous when their friends get more likes than they do. In addition, research shows that users feel envy when they the seemingly happier lives of their friends on social networks.

In a survey involving 16,750 people worldwide, Kaspersky Lab has revealed the frustration people feel referring to social media. Users often remain, for various reasons, with negative emotions after spending time on social networks.

Users chose to join these networks for positive reasons and to have fun. Most of them, almost 65% use social media to keep in touch with friends and colleagues and 60% to see the funny posts.

Also, people spend a lot of time here to create digital profiles and fill them with all kinds of beautiful moments, posting things that make them smile (61%) and showing their friends what fun things they do in their vacations. (43%).

It is not surprising that 72% of users are bothered by the advertising that became aggressive and is constantly interrupting their online communications and this fact can be translated into additional grounds for frustration.

Despite the desire to have positive feelings after interacting on social media, when most users see posts of their happy friends – on holidays, hobbies and parties, they often remain bitter because others seem to be enjoying life more than they do.

For example, 59% of respondents felt unhappy when they saw photos of friends at a party they were invited and 45% confessed that holiday pictures of friends had a negative influence on them. Moreover, 37% of participants said that looking at their previous posts gives them the feeling that the past was better than their current life.