American who modified the Hollywood sign into ‘Hollyweed’ surrendered to police in Los Angeles

The American citizen who changed ‘Hollywood’ into ‘Hollyweed’ surrendered himself to the local police in Los Angeles.

The man was a local artist and decided to hand himself over to Los Angeles police on Monday as a punishment for amending the famous Hollywood sign, so that it became ‘Hollyweed’, reported the local media, quoted by DPA.

Accompanied by his lawyer, Zachary Cole Fernandez he presented at a Hollywood police headquarters on Monday around noon, reports Los Angeles Times.

The man, aged 30 years, was accused of entering a private property in connection with this action and was then released on $ 1,000 bail two hours later, stated the newspaper.

The surveillance cameras have filmed Fernandez while climbing the fence near the sign on Mount Lee around 03:00 the local time (11.00 GMT) on New Year’s Eve.

He then used four sheets, two white and two black, to change the two letters o’s to e’s.

In an interview given to the website VICE, Cole Fernandez, who planned the action together with his partner, said that he had been inspired by the fact that this action was done before, back in 1976, after California has ‘relaxed’ the laws regarding marijuana consumption.

In early November, Californians voted in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. People over 21 can now legally carry in their pockets small amounts of marijuana and are also allowed to cultivate at home up to six cannabis plants.

Zachary Cole Fernandez will present himself on February 15 before a judge in a Los Angeles court, says Los Angeles Times, citing the police in Hollywood.