On Saturday, astronomers realized a giant asteroid flew really close to our planet. The closure was 50% bigger than the moon.

 The asteroid was named 2017 AG13 and was discovered by Catalina Sky Survey from University of Arizona.

The object was moving with 9.9 miles per second and had about 15 or 34 meters.

Slooh, a company that reports live events from astronomy, said that the asteroid was really close to the Earth, even closer than the moon. Eric Feldman from Slooh said the asteroid crossed the orbits between our planet and Venus.

Purdue University weighed on what would have happened if the asteroid hit the Earth. Well, it wouldn’t have been that bad. If it crashed from an about 10 miles’ distance, it would have produced nothing more than a high sound. At about 150 years, things like this occur.

In 2013, Russia was hit with an asteroid that has the same size as this one. Slooh says that there is a possibility the effect would have been the same. Then, the crash damaged buildings and shattered windows.

Mark Sykes from Planetary Science Institute says that the event was interesting because it occurs so rarely. Sykes also invented a space telescope that hunts asteroids. The telescope can detect both small and larger asteroids that are as far as 140 meters. After 10 years of having the telescope in space, there is great possibility of finding much larger asteroids than this one. The telescope hasn’t been launched to space yet.

Such objects can be really dangerous for our planet, since they can have a much greater power than thermonuclear bombs.

Sykes wants to be funded by NASA with $450 million, but just last week he was refused.