Jordan Hankins from the Northwestern women team, has been found dead.

Her brother, Jared Hankins, saw in his sibling a role model. The two were really close, especially because they both played Basketball.

Three days ago, Jordan showed her support for her brother on Twitter as he was playing against Warren Central.

On Monday, the 19-year-old was found dead in her dorm room.

In 2015, Jordan graduated from Lawrence North in Indianapolis. Now, she was attending the Northwestern University.  Basketball was one of her passions and in high school her talent shone.

According to a spokesperson from Northwestern, the other members pf the university face no threat.

Her brother and parents, Walter and Felicia Hankins, visited her a week before and attended her game. Jared says that she was happy and everything looked good when they last saw her.

“Jordan was a remarkably dynamic young woman. This is a devastating loss for our basketball family,” said the coach from Northwestern, Joe McKeown.

In the classroom, the teenager was remarkable. According to a coach from the woman team, she was kind and she helped the students with disabilities in her classroom. She was member of the National Honor Society.

“She was a multi-faceted, compassionate and extremely talented young woman. She was a wonderful student-athlete and leader. Jordan had a huge heart and will be missed,” said Chris Griffin.

The principal also had nice words to say about her. He sends her prayers to her family and closed ones during this tough times.

Jared was left heartbroken, as she meant a lot to him.