Bernie Sanders talked about the Democrats leaders’ decision to let Trump nominate for the Supreme Court. On Monday, the party had a discussion on the topic.

His advice for the Democrats is just to obstruct the Trump administration.

As he gave a speech at a Washington hall, Sanders pointed finger at the Republicans for rejecting Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court. Last year, Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the position, but the Republicans acted “shamefully and outrageously” by rejecting his decision.

He admitted to Obama having his own problems, but Trump is wrong on so many levels: his election campaign “was based on sexism, on racism, on xenophobia” and that he cannot accept.

Even though the Republicans acted wrongful towards Obama, Sanders thinks the Democrats need to be respectful.

He also says that people should be open-minded towards Trump’s ideas, because he can bring something good after all. Sanders said that he is open to work with the president-elect, but on his own terms.

The Democrat party has a lot to deal with now, as Republicans threat Obamacare and push members towards the Supreme court. Democrats also risk to lose all of their power at Washington.

Bernie Sanders believes the reason why Democrats lost the election is because they lost the support of the working class:  “What we have got to do is come up with an agenda that speaks to the needs of the working people.”

As Trump is going to have his inauguration on January 20, the both parties are tense, as well the American citizens.