A company from China implants 3-D blood vessels into monkeys with the hope of discovering the cure for cardiovascular disease.  This medicine could save more than 1.8 million people.

Sichuan Revotek are the ones that run the research. Until now, they have successfully transplanted the blood vessels.

Printing human organs is the next big thing. The Chinese company is “the first to have maintained the viability of the cells with the 3-D printing technology.”

They use bio-ink for the transplant, which is a biological material they have developed themselves. The cells have the ability to grow amongst any other cells.

For the monkey, they have used its own cells, therefore they won’t be rejected.

The blood vessels can start functioning because the nutrients contained by the stem cells will make the others grow.

Although embryos are usually used, this cells, that have been taken from fat tissues, are much safer.

The surgery consisted of replacing an abdominal artery of 2 centimeters with the 3-D blood. Only five days later, the cells began growing into many other cells.

After one month, the results were clear, the cells began functioning like the ones the monkey already had. The vascular functions are supported by the cells, as well as the nutrients that are transported.

The bio-ink has a special capacity, it develops collagen, therefore it molds in every form.

The study is a breakthrough in the medical field. The effect can transform the lives of many. Other scientists have admitted to how amazing the discovery really is.

Now, the company wants to get permission to start testing it on humans.