The NBC show will air tomorrow. Since it first came to the network, the series had lots of success. Its interesting and catchy story, alongside a great cast guaranteed many fans.

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, weighed in on whether her on-screen boyfriend, Toby, is really dead. Chris Sullivan is the one that impersonates the character. 

On the last episode, Toby showed up Randall’s house right on Christmas Eve. He appeared there uninvited to take back Kate, then he suddenly collapsed.

All fans wander what will happen with the character since in the last episode he was fighting for his life.

Dan Fogelman, the creator of the series, says the first five minutes will show how Toby’s fate will be.

The episode is called “The Right Thing to Do”. The actress that impersonates Toby’s girlfriend gave a scoop of how Kate is feeling regarding Toby’s situation.

She said that all the cast members were devastated when they learned about it. The actors that plays Toby was worried both for the character’s fate and his place in the series.

She guarantees fans will get all the answers in the next episodes, but she did say that not all will like how things will turn out.

She likes how the series always keeps you on the edge, with so many cliffhangers. The show means a lot to her and her co-stars, as they got used to playing the characters. She says that every moment moves her, and this one with Toby definitely has.

Her character was deeply affected by her boyfriend’s health problem. As Kate loves him deeply, the event was “traumatic”.

She said one more thing about Kate: she will have to make lots of decisions in episode 11 and her family will put a lot of pressure on her.