The device that can prevent HIV has been invented

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding $ 140 million a draft implant that can prevent HIV. It is a small pump developed by Intarcia Therapeutics, whose role is to inject specific drugs into the body at regular intervals of time to prevent the occurrence of this dangerous virus.

The implant can release the beneficial substances for periods of 6 or 12 months. There is also another version of the pump for those suffering from diabetes type 2.

However, it will take several years before the device can be implanted in humans. That’s because the company needs approval in those countries wishing to market the product.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to provide the implant in the sub-Saharan African countries, where HIV infection rate is the highest in the world.

As with other treatments, the most difficult task is to persuade people to take drugs.

At this time, it is not known the price of such a treatment.

It is important to note that not all persons infected with HIV manifest AIDS. This condition occurs in people infected with HIV and leads to an increased exposure to infections or certain types of cancers.
People who have reasons to suspect an infection with HIV should follow the symptoms that occur within days or weeks away from the moment when they suspect contracting the virus and to consult their doctor as soon as possible:

– Fever associated with headaches;
General body weakness;
– Swollen glands;
– Night sweats;
– Diarrhea;
– Skin infections;
– Muscle aches;
– Irritation and ulceration of the mouth or genitals.