Donald Trump replaced the voice of the presidential investiture

The President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, gave up to Charles Brotman’s services for the inauguration ceremony, who gave voice to the festive moment of taking over the presidential mandate since 1957.

The broadcaster declared himself devastated by the magnate’s decision last Monday, announced EFE.

Brotman, aged 89, presented all the presidential inauguration parades since Dwight D. Eisenhower took over the White House office for the second time in 1957.

Donald Trump, who will present his vows as the 45th US president on January 20, at the Capitol in Washington, broke the presidential tradition that was stretched over 11 US Presidents’ mandates.

‘I looked in my e-mail messages and then I had the shock of my life’, declared Brotman on Monday for CNN, referring to the message he received from Trump’s team, who communicated him the bad news.

‘I felt like Muhammad Ali would have hit me in the stomach’, said the veteran speaker, visibly saddened by Trump’s decision.

In his statements to the local channel WJLA, Brotman declared himself a few days ago as being ‘devastated’ and ‘destroyed’.

‘I’ve done this for 60 years’, said the presenter.

In his place, Donald Trump chose Steve Ray, who has been an announcer for 58 years and had worked for the Washington National baseball team and other several radio stations in Washington.

Ray eulogized Brotman as he considers him a ‘real institution’ and stated that he doesn’t want to steal his place.

‘I’m just the guy who comes after’, commented the new announcer.

Trump’s transition team announced that Charles Brotman will be honored with the title ‘retired announcer’ on January 20, as a consolation prize that will help him to bear easier the enormous disappointment, says EFE.