‘Hidden Figures’ has managed to beat ‘Rogue One’ in the box-office. The stars of the movie are now celebrating the victory. Over the weekend, it was only on the second place.

The film presents the story of a group of African-American women that work at NASA. Together, they help create the first successful mission in space.

The numbers scored on Sunday brought it the much-awaited success. Over the weekend, the movie cashed in $22.8 million, according to 20th Century Fox.

‘Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story’ came on the second place with just $22 million. On Sunday morning, the movie was said to have its fourth successful week with $21.7 million.

Janelle Monae, who stars in ‘Hidden Figures’, posted a photo on Instagram that she captioned with: “The force was with us”.

She and her movie co-star, Octavia Spencer, attended the Golden Globes Awards together.

Taraji P. Henson, who also stars in the movie, took to social media to express her gratefulness and how proud she is. “I have been told my entire career ‘Black women can’t open films domestically or internationally’. Well anything is possible. Most important this proves that people like good material. Has nothing to do with gender or race,” said the actress.

Henson also pointed that ‘Hidden Figures’ ran in less theaters than ‘Rogue One’ and still managed to win.

Chris Aronson from 20th Century Fox said Sunday was “exceptionally strong”.

Critics also acclaimed the movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 93% approval, while audiences gave an A-plus score. The stars from the movie definitely have a reason to celebrate.  They will have to wait and see if the next weekend will be as successful as this one.