According to reports, Jamie Foxx was attacked at a restaurant in Hollywood by a New Yorker.

 TMZ says the actor was at Catch with some friends. After the ones at the table were too loud, a man went to tell them to keep quiet. The man was rude as he talked to them.

A man from the table got angry and after that, the one that came over “lunged” at Jamie and then pulled him over the table.  TMZ shared the explicit footage.

After the scene, he was seen coming out of the restaurant with a bruised eye as he was trying to cover it with his shirt.

After the event, Jamie posted a video on Instagram as he was holding ice on the bruise. “I just want to address what happened on Saturday man from my perspective. All I was trying to do man was keep my own things.”

He then proceeded to talk about his new movie, saying that “if you want to see me whoop some a**, all you gotta do” is watch ‘Sleepless’. He then showed a poster of the film. His latest movie will be out Friday, on January 13.

The fight was caused by their different regions of provenience. The man that approached Jamie’s table said that he is from New York. “Can’t we all just get along? East coast west coast!”, explained the actor.

Everything started when the man said “You don’t want to mess with me. I’m from New York”, while Foxx’s friend answered “I’m from Oakland”.

The man that bruised Jamie was then kicked out of the restaurant.