Jia Jia, the Chinese robot: the first step towards the widespread use of androids

Jia Jia can entertain a simple conversation and adopt surprising feminine expressions and its creator is convinced that this humanoid cyborg represents the first step towards a country populated by robots to serve man, according to AFP.

Considered to be the first Chinese android, Jia Jia project was unveiled last year by engineers from the university of science and technology in China.

The head of this researchers’ team, Chen Xiaoping, left the impression of a proud parent on Monday, during the presentation of the prototype at a conference of the Swiss UBS bank, held in Shanghai’s financial district.

In a decade, he says, robots equipped with artificial intelligence as Jia Jia will perform subtasks in restaurants, retirement homes or hospitals in China.

‘In five or ten years, robots will be in high demand in China’, assures Chen Xiaoping.

With long black hair and wearing a traditional Chinese robe, Jia Jia is very similar to a human. But its charm has limits and certain issues leave it without reply.

Jia Jia can flawlessly present the weather and casually talk with its interlocutor whom it can identify whether it’s a man or a woman.

‘You are a charming man’, Jia compliments on a visitor. Asked if she has a boyfriend, she answers, however, that she ‘prefers to remain single’.

The advances in artificial intelligence are fast and numerous products of the genre have captured public attention last week at the electronics fair CES in Las Vegas, including robots able to ‘learn’ by accessing the so-called ‘cloud’ space storage via the Internet.

Even if Jia Jia has not yet reached this level, its creator sees a bright future for Chinese robots.