Kaspersky Lab: Recommendations for effective use of online passwords

A study conducted by Kaspersky Lab has shown that people are endangered online by choosing inappropriate passwords and making elementary mistakes that can have serious consequences, such as compromising users’ accounts and giving hackers unauthorized access to their personal data.

Most users have not learned how to effectively use their passwords to protect themselves in online environments, making these three common mistakes: using the same password for multiple accounts, which means that if a password is located, hackers can break multiple accounts; use simple passwords, that are easy to deduce; keeping the passwords in an unsafe place, making the idea of ‘password’ unnecessary.

‘Given the amount of confidential information they keep online, users should be more careful when choosing the passwords to protect themselves. It seems an obvious thing, but many do not realize that what basic management mistakes they make. These mistakes are basically equal to leaving the door open for anyone to have access to your e-mails, bank accounts and other personal files’, said Andrew Mochola, Head of Consumer Business at Kaspersky Lab.

Researchers have shown that many people (nearly 18%) faced an attempt of ‘burglary’ on their accounts, but only a few have set efficient passwords. For example, only a third (30%) of the Internet users have different passwords for each online account, while one in ten people use the same password for all online accounts. If the password enters on someone’s ‘malicious’ hands, these users are likely to have all their accounts broken.

The survey shows that people do not have appropriate behavior regarding passwords – they reveal others and use unsafe methods to remember them. Almost a third (28%) of respondents revealed the password of a close family member and 11% of them – revealed their friends’ passwords.

One person in five (22%) recognized that he notes the passwords on a notebook, not to forget. Even if a password is complex, the user is vulnerable because others can see and use it.

Kaspersky Lab invented Kaspersky Password Manager, that proposes a solution for keeping passwords and identification data cards safe, all synced automatically on devices, so users do not have to remember every password, but only one master password.