Make-up mistakes you should avoid

Intentionally or not, we have all made these mistakes in makeup and our skin was not the only one to suffer, but we probably made our flaws look obvious.

You do not clean your makeup brushes

The instruments with which you apply your favorite products must always be clean. As your brushes are full of powder, that subtle blurring we all long for will be harder to obtain. Above all, dirty brushes bring microbes to your skin.

You apply bronzer all over your face

If you do not like to have lighter skin and you always want to look tanned, then you should use bronzer. A good bronzer has a matte finish, looks natural and is uniform. You probably bought at least once that shimmery bronzer that makes your face look dirty.

You test your foundation on your hand

Why is it bad to test your foundation shade on your wrist? Because the skin of the hands and face is exposed differently to sunlight, which is why it is possible for one to be darker than the other. Try to test your next foundation on your jaw line!

You are sleeping with your makeup on

The longer your makeup products stay on your face, the sooner your pores will widen and your skin will look aged. The secret to a young skin is a clean skin.

Waterproof mascara should not be used daily

Waterproof mascara is not for daily use. We know you want your eyelashes to resist, be long and curled all day long, but to achieve this thing, manufacturing companies add wax in mascara’s composition, which is hard to clean.

Too much foundation

For a daily make-up, there’s no need to use several layers of product. Focus on covering the center of the face (around the nose, the dark circles) and leave your face’s edges look fresh and natural.