Palawan island is going to beneficiate of an underwater theme park that will be built by Nickelodeon. The 1,000-acre park will give fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite characters from the network.

The place was chosen because it “is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world today.”

On Tuesday, vice president of Viacom International Media Networks, Ron Johnson, revealed in a statement what features the resort will have. The resort will be ready by 2020 and will have diverse restaurants and lounges.

However, environmentalists are not happy about it. Greenpeace said that the island’s marine ecosystem will be destroyed. “It’s sad and alarming because a theme park that big will not promote environmental protection by building those structures,” said a member of the group. They believe that the area is already really beautiful and building a park would just spoil it.

Conservation groups say that they should not interfere with the rich history of the place. The forests and the coastlines are one of the oldest from the Southern Asia.

Grizelda Mayo-Anda said that the mangrove areas already deal with resorts that are build there. His concerns are real, as the Government gets “captivated by new projects”, but not “judiciously study the impact.”

The island has two sites listed by UNESCO World Heritage: coral reefs Tubbataha and a subterranean river.

The Coral World Park reassured the ones worried and said that measures are taken to protect the natural resources.

The project hasn’t been approved yet.