Odell Beckham Jr. is incontestably the most valuable player of the New York Giants. His talent is natural and his game is strong. Now, he can be simply categorized in the best five Football players of US.

He’s got flexibility, speed and a general great ability. Although he has all these, some thinks he is immature.

Jerry Reese from the Giants gave a piece of his mind on Beckham and his immaturity on Monday. “Everybody knows he’s a gifted player. But there are some things that he’s done and he needs to look himself in the mirror and be honest with himself about. I think he’ll do that. We’ll help him with that, but he has to help himself,” declared Reese.

He thinks the Football player needs to think more about his actions.

Everybody can’t forget his trip to Miami, where he partied alongside his team with Trey Songz and Justin Bieber. The party affected his game the next day. They had to play against Packers.

The whole team was visibly affected, they only scored a few times with Odell’s three shots. Since then, fans still reminisce about it.

Reese thinks that other players have already grown up and it is time for Beckham to do so. The player needs to face his responsibilities to the team, as he has spent 3 years here. What puts much pressure is the fact that his image is the one the brand, he is the true star of the game.

His fans are inspired by him and as he has lots of young ones that want to follow in his foot-steps, he needs to become responsible.

Even if he is only 24, he needs to grow up and quit being a distraction to his team. In sports, there is much out there for him, great success, but he needs to change his attitude.