The Pentagon announces it has successfully tested a ‘swarm’ of 103 drones

The Pentagon recently announced that it has been successfully tested a ‘swarm’ of 103 small drones, progressing towards a new type of weapon that promises to contour a great future for the new generation of weapons, according to some military strategists, as indicated on Monday the Pentagon, quoted by AFP.

Artificial intelligence makes progress now possible developing small groups of robots acting collectively under the leadership of a man.

Military strategists are predicting a great future for these ‘swarms’ of drones, less expensive regarding the production and that will have the ability to overwhelm the opponent’s defense strategy by their large number.

In October, the Pentagon tested a ‘swarm’ of 103 small drones, about 16 cm long, launched by three fight F/A-18 Super Hornets airplanes, as the Pentagon said in an official statement.

During the test, the small Perdix drones showed several promising abilities, according to the same source.

The drones were able to ‘take a collective decision’, adapting together their individual behaviors, depending on the given mission.

Perdix drones are designed to form ‘a collective, sharing a common brain’, explained William Roper, the leader of the SCO Pentagon, was stated in the press release.

‘For every Perdix communicates and collaborates with each of his counterparts, the cluster does not have a leader and can easily adapt if a new drone is joining the group, or whether, on the contrary, a drone leaves the ‘squad’ or is shot down, said William Roper.

Perdix drone was developed by engineering students at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) since 2013 and has been continuously improved since then, ‘drawing inspiration mainly from the smartphone industry’, according to the Pentagon.