Physical activity, even only on weekends, reduces the risk of early mortality

Even the people who do not do sports regularly, but only in weekends, have a lower risk of dying at an early age from cardiovascular diseases or cancer, as indicates a study published on Monday, quoted by AFP.

However, researchers draw attention that the results could not be generalized to the entire population, whereas 90% of the respondents were white people.

Compared to the participants that were completely inactive, those who do sports only on weekends, have a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases until the age of 41 years. The figure is the same for people who are moving more frequently during the week.

For people who do less exercise than the minimum of 150 minutes recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), this risk is reduced by 37%, according to the research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Internal Medicine.

The risk of dying from cancer decreases by 18% to ‘Sunday’ athletes, which means more than 150 minutes of physical activity, compared with 21% in those who exercise regularly during the week.

It falls to just 14% for those who are jogging only on weekends, but not the necessary minimum, as researchers have established, who have studied for 9 years 64,000 people in the UK.

The average age of participants was nearly 59-years-old.

‘The results are very encouraging, because physical activity once or twice a week is linked to a lower risk of early mortality, even among people whose activity level is lower than recommended’, said Emmanuel Stamatakis, Professor at the University of Sydney, Australia and leading author of this study.