At the beginning of the year, many entrepreneurs want to increase their business or create a new one. Doing that is not that easy, it takes lots of effort, motivation and organization.

Top businessmen all have plans that guarantee success. “Peace of mind, clarity, success — it all comes from an organized lifestyle and mindset,” advises the founder of O.C.D. Experience, Justin Klosky.

Organizing can lead to more free time and more time to come up with new ideas. Here is a plan on how to get organized this year.

You should start with letting go. Worrying too much won’t do you any good, so instead of focusing on the bad things in your life, think of the future and your goals. If you still don’t have a goal for this year, it is not too late to think of one. Think of your goals and ways to accomplish them.

Get rid of all the papers that are scattered around your house and desk. Klosky thinks you should invest in a scanner, because “the paperless world will make your life so much more manageable.”

When working, let any distraction behind. Phones are the main distracters, so try to spend as much time without one.  Pack all your apps in a special folder that you will only access twice a day.

Instead of working harder, try to work smarter. Structure everything, from your emails to the folders regarding your business. Reorganize the way you approach your business, the way you usually do things.

After you have already organized your life, you should start making risks. Without them, you won’t be able to grow. Maybe the risks you take will change your live forever.