On Monday, the FIFA Awards took place in Zurich. A tight fight was for the title of the best Football player in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonel Messi and Antoine Griezmann were the ones in the game for the award.

After Ronaldo won Balon D’Or in December, he scored yet another victory. The Football player had a great year, he won several prizes at Euro 2016 and at the Champions League.  

His amazing talent and his amazing games for Portugal and Real Madrid brought him the much-wanted title.

His fans and his Real Madrid team are proud and happy for the player.

Now, the question is if it was the right choice. After he won the Balon D’Or last month, many have argued that it wasn’t the right decision and that Messi is the one that really deserves it. Messi still holds the record the most Ballon D’Or won, he has five, while Ronaldo four.

Not only the two players are involved in a continue competition, but their teams too. Real Madrid and Barcelona are both amazing teams.

Although Ronaldo won the two big awards, Messi had a great year too: he scored 59 times, won a title in the Champions League and reached for two cups. Ronaldo, on the other hand scored 55 goals, reached for the two cups, but lost the title in the league.

Portugal, where Ronaldo played, managed to win the final at Euro 2016 after a long time.

Both the players have brought their teams great success and if they miss one game, you can tell.