The supersonic jet is the first one for Virgin Galactic. The model could improve the flight experience. If reports are confirmed, in just three hours and 15 minutes the passenger jet could get from London to New York.

The jet is called XB-1 or “Baby Boom”. According to the company, it is the fastest civil aircraft ever invented.

Other companies are also developing such planes, but Richard Branson, CEO of Spaceship Company, hopes to bring the best one on the market. Lockheed Martin and Boeing are interested in supersonic jets.

Branson wants to make the commercial flights over the Atlantic as fast as possible.

13 years ago, Concorde was invented and was meant to have a great supersonic speed, but the jet fell out of service. Baby Boom is 10% faster than Concorde, with Mach 2.2 speed.

The jet is set to carry about 40 passengers at once. Although the first tests will be run later this year, only in 2023 the jet could hit the market.

The price of such a journey could be pretty expensive, as already a flight from New York to London costs 2,500 euros.

Sir Richard Branson said that he wants to bring innovation to this field and make the commercial flights really fast.

Virgin Galactic saw a great opportunity in working with Branson’s company. The “decision to work with Boom was an easy one.”

Spaceship Company will take care of engineering and the manufacturing services. It will also test the jet. Branson already wants to buy 10 jets.

If everything goes well at the test, in just a few years, flights will become much efficiently.