A man from Bangladesh suffered from an incredible condition: weird branches began growing on his hands and feet. His disease is called Epidermodysplasia verruciformis. The man became famous after pictures of him and his condition made it to the internet.

Abul Bajandar has been going through 16 surgeries that were done for free. The Dhaka Medical College Hospital is the center where he has undergone the surgeries.

Now, doctors believe and hope that his condition has been cured once and for all. They cut the branches that grew on his body, but they are not sure whether they will grow again or not.

The series of surgeries began last year, in February. Before the doctors will let him go home, he has to go through a few more.

His condition is created by an infection from a virus. This can lead to tumors. On the 27-year-old’s body they manifested like wood. The disease can also lead to HPV.

Now, the man is doing fine, according to a doctor, and the next surgeries are just for “beautification”.

The man is a husband and has a child.  He shares this condition with few other people. He suffers from this since he was 10. The disease stopped him from enjoying his life. He couldn’t do many things: brush his teeth, drink, shower or eat.

 His job was as a rickshaw driver. The fact that media shared his life must have affected him too.

Before the surgeries, he said all he wants is “live like a normal person” and be able to hold his daughter properly.