Do you have trouble falling asleep? See what you can do about it!

What do you do when you cannot fall asleep? You get stressed that you’ll be tired the next day at work? Wrong! You have to think positively, to improve your sleeping conditions and if you still do not fall asleep soon, you should find something useful to do!

So, here are some suggestions for the times when you cannot sleep, for it’s always good to have a backup strategy.

Think positively

According to a scientific research cited by, if you get rid the negative thoughts in your mind, you’ll have greater chances to calm down and fall asleep.

Choose one thing on which to focus

When you can not sleep, they say it’s better to count sheep. But what you need is to focus on is only one particular thing. Such as your breathing or a calming mantra.

Pretend you’re tired

Trick your brain and make it believe you’re exhausted. Concentrate on the sensations you had when you were tired: your eyes are closed, the room becomes darker, you immerse yourself into your bed and you may even start to feel it.

Adapt your bedroom temperature

Control the air temperature with the air conditioning, in such a manner that you feel comfortable.


Do not read on your tablet, phone or kindle, but a printed book! Do not stress to remember what page you left off, just read until you fall asleep.

Write in your journal

If your mind runs back and forth when you cannot sleep, take your journal and write down every thought that goes through your head. They mustn’t be chronological or cute. Write everything until ideas start to get tired.