According to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Donald Trump’s border wall plan can be stopped with the help of an environmental law from California.

He thinks that under the California Environmental Quality Act, the state can sue him. This can lead to a delay or even to banning the building of the wall.

The lands that are located where Trump wants the border to be are of the governance and if the state of California does not want it there, then it can sue. Trump has to get permission to start building there.

“All those things could be made very, very challenging for the administration,” said Newson.

Trump has been really vocal about his plan about building the border wall. Last week, reports say he talked with Republican leaders so he can get funding for it. Americans are not the only ones to pay for it, but Mexicans too.

Many officials believe Trump will succeed and will make Mexicans contribute with money. The building is estimated at $1 billion.

Many are against this, calling it racist. Trump believes it is a way to protect the border from all the immigrants that enter the United States illegally.

The Californian law exists since 1970 and is meant for protecting the environment. Although it has been beneficial many times, it has received criticism as well.

Last year, Governor Jerry Brown wanted to encourage the development of houses, but his plan didn’t work out because environmentalists were against it.

If the state will sue Trump, a huge chance of winning is guaranteed.