USA released an intelligent mobile device to improve boxers’ performances

Artificial intelligence is being required more and more on mobile devices specially designed for monitoring the body while doing sports.

Such a technological application has been implemented by a company specialized in information technology, in collaboration with a sports equipment company, dedicated to boxing, with the purpose of helping fighters to lead a better real-time analysis for reaching the optimum body form, wrote

By using the PIQ Robot, boxers can have real-time access to a database that brings together information about thousands of athletes and millions of movements specific to this sport. The algorithm measures and tracks every movement of every user, constantly updating his optimal form, making the device ideal for use especially during training to improve technique and fitness shape.

Athletes from other sports have already used digital information to train intelligently for years, said Chris Zoller, director of marketing and design for Everlast sports equipment company. We are glad to work with people at PIQ to introduce the mobile technology body in boxing.

PIQ platform has the ability to provide a form of workout measured accurately, which we believe will greatly help the boxers, said Zoller.

The benefits are even greater when the boxers connect these ROBOT PIQ devices to their smartphones, because they can see data on the strength and speed of impact and establish their power strokes. These factors can then be used to enhance the athlete’s performance.

The device can be securely attached to a wrist bracelet and the boxer can even wear the attachment just under his glove. The device is used with dedicated mobile applications that are working both on Android and iOS systems.