At her Autumn Winter 2017 show, Vivienne Westwood expressed the need to save the planet and how everyone should take her advice and use eco energy.

A few weeks ago, as she was getting down from her car, the designer told the crowd that it was waiting for her that it should switch to eco-friendly energy so that climate change will be stopped. Using a megaphone, Westwood addressed the people on the matter.

Now, she opened up about the importance of climate change again, this time in London. During the catwalk, models sported crowns that said: “Ecotricity.” The name refers to a company that created windmills for renewable energy in UK.  The company dates way back in 1996 and is founded by Dale Vince. The company was the first one to specialize in green energy.

Vince attended Vivienne Westwood’s show and declared backstage: “She got in touch many months ago and we met, talked about renewable energy and green gas – that’s when it really clicked.”

The items the models wore on the catwalk expressed Westwood’s beliefs on energy: “What’s good for the planet… is bad for the economy”.  She thinks that switching to eco energy is a political act and that the world is controlled by politicians and financial-elites.

Westwood is a very popular British designer. She debuted in the 70’s. her creations revolutionized fashion, especially the one for women. She introduced bondage trousers and chains to her catwalks, which wasn’t seen as appropriate.

Over the time, she has been an activist, often sporting slogans on her clothing items. For years, she has been an advocate to climate change and has voiced her attitude towards it.