The world's first artificial pancreas available starting this spring

Great news for people with diabetes type 1! The world’s first artificial pancreas has received the approval from the Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA), following the tests conducted on 1234 participants over a period of 43 months.

That means that very soon, the device will be available in the markets, helping diabetics to lead a normal life, as normal as possible, writes

The device is called the MiniMed 670G and was designed by experts in the medical technology company Medtronic.

This device combines the utility of a continuous glucose monitoring system with the function of a pump with insulin. Depending on the values recorded, the device administers the precise amounts of insulin that the patient needs and this reduces the risks of excessive administration or, conversely, too little insulin, which can have fatal consequences.

‘The artificial pancreas is to eliminate the need for people with diabetes type 1 to puncture his finger several times a day and then to inject insulin manually’, says Jeffrey Shuren, director of the Department of Radiology at the FDA.

MiniMed 670G is also useful for diabetics who were forced to wake up frequently during the night to check their blood sugar levels. Wearing this device, patients will rest better and their blood sugar levels will be kept within the normal until they wake up in the morning.

Since the spring of 2017, this device will bring a smile to patients with type 1 diabetes aged over 14 years.

However, Medtronic announced via a press release that its specialists seek to establish new evaluations and changes in the design and utility of the device so that it can be used by children who are under 14 years.