4 things to know before buying a house

A house, a tree, a library, a child. Classical values of our society ​​indicate that these are the main achievements in life. We will deal the first one.

Buying a new house involves a decision that will affect you long term, positively or conversely, depending on how well you did your homework before.

Besides the financial investment, the purchase of an apartment is a huge effort, from the market analysis and choosing the area to bureaucracy related to any investment.

Here are some things you should consider before buying a house:


You could choose a cheap and spacious apartment, out of town, but your way to work could be a real nightmare. If you make your decision looking at the price of the apartment, you will realize that, in time, what you saved when you bought it, you will pay on gasoline and anti-stress treatments.


Literally! Is the amount of money requested by the seller reflected in the price area and the quality of materials? In addition, could the immobilized sum of money bring you any profit in a given period of time? If you need credit money from the bank, perhaps the most important thing is to prevent undesirable events, to think about contingencies as losing your job and not being able to pay the loan.

Market perspective

How will prices evolve? The answer to this question will detail the possibility of a gain that you could get if, in the future, you will decide to sell. Also, if the area has potential for long-term development, you could rent the apartment and get consistent gains.

Living expenses

How much will it cost you the maintenance, utilities, cleaning, security? Calculate your monthly expenses before deciding to purchase a new home! You might find later that you can not afford this move. Personal comfort is essential, so it’s not appropriate to cut down your personal needs.