Antonio Guterres wants UN to change its approach regarding conflict prevention

The new UN General Secretary, the Portuguese Antonio Guterres had his first intervention on Tuesday before the Security Council, after taking over the organization and argued on that occasion that he wants a new approach in the prevention of armed conflicts, AFP and EFE news agencies reported.

He succeeded starting January 1 the South Korean Ban Ki-moon. Guterres promised that his mandate will bring a change in the UN and an intensification of efforts for solving global crises such as the bloody wars in Syria and South Sudan.

During Tuesday’s debate on conflict prevention, Guterres has estimated that too much time and too many resources have been lost, allocated for crisis management instead of directing these efforts towards preventing such crises.

Therefore, ‘we need a completely new approach’, noted the new General Secretary of the UN, indicating his intention to launch an initiative for mediation, together with his commitment to support the ‘diplomacy of peace’ idea which, however, he did not give any further details.

‘We have lost many opportunities of preventing conflicts because the member states have suspicions about the motivations of some people and because of concerns about the national sovereignty’, said Guterres.

To achieve these objectives, Guterres promised to implement reforms, including changing the decision-making process in the General Secretariat and the creation of a new executive committee. But he stressed that such changes are necessary in ‘culture, strategy, structures and operations’ of this world organization and it must work closely with all the Member States and boost cooperation between them.

However, his project to revive UN diplomacy is conditioned by the orientation that the US President-elect, Donald Trump, will give to American foreign policy.