Chris Lattner worked for Apple for eleven years and has created one of its recent program, Swift. Today, his departure was announced, followed by the news that he is the new Vice president of the Autopilot Software for Tesla.

Until now, Jinnah Hossein was in charge of the program. The news of Lattner’s position came on Tesla’s site, that said it is really excited for his arrival and trusts he will improve autonomous driving.

Tesla and Apple had a feud in the past after Elon Musk said: “If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go to work to Apple.”

The two brands might be in another competition as it is rumored that Apple will start developing its own autonomous driving car.

Although he leaves Apple, Lattner promises to remain member of the Swift team.

Amongst his creations at Apple are the Clang complier, Objective C, he worked on the Xcode software. He also created the development tool called LLVM.

As he moved from Apple, Lattner said that he wants “to pursue an opportunity in another space”.

Back in 2014, Apple launched Lattner’s language program, Swift, that has become one of the most famous one in the world. The only one that managed to beat Apple’s program is Rust from Mozilla Research.

Lattner’s place at Apple will be taken by Ted Kremenek, who also helped the development process of Swift.

Someone said that his decision to leave is understandable, he needs another challenge after spending five years trying to develop Swift.