On Tuesday, The US Fish and Wildlife Service declared that for the first time bumblebees are endangered. In the last 20 years, the number of bumblebees decreased considerably. More than 87% of the population has dropped.

In the past, the species was common in 28 states, now just 13 states have remained. The service announced that its only preoccupation now is to ensure that they won’t disappear, something must be done fast. Naming it an endangered species allows them to find resources and partners for taking care of the situation before it becomes delicate.

Both bees and bumblebees have an important place in the nature. While bees pollinate tress and flowers and helps seed, fruit and nut growth, the bumblebees are important for vegetables, such as peppers, tomatoes and cranberries.

In the US, there have been other species that have decreased in population over the past years. This problem is caused largely by climate change, diseases and habitat loss.

Environmentalists are happy about the decision and for the care towards this endangered species.

Christy Leavitt said that it is important to take measures to prevent bumblebee’s extinction as they guarantee food: “is essential for our ecosystem and our food supply”.

Other environmentalist weigh on the matter, such as Rebecca Riley, who thinks that listing them was the best decision. She hopes “for the recovery of the rusty patched bumblebee”.

People can help this cause too by having a garden, planting flowering trees and reduce the pesticide use. Also, they can leave some paths unmowed so that they can find places to build their nests for the winter.

In Hawaii, bees were placed on the endangered list in September.