The British woman who broke the news of the start of the World War II has died at 105 years-old. She announced everyone of Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939.

She was born in 1911 in Leicester and had an exciting life. During the war, she was a correspondent in the Middle east, Vietnam and Algeria.

In 1939, she was a reporter for the Daily Telegraph. She noticed the invasion as she was crossing the border of Poland to Germany. She got the “scoop of the century”. She announced that 1,000 tanks emerged across the border to Poland. The Nazis declared the invasion three days later.

She was only 28 years-old when she made the discovery.

During the war, she was a savior. She offered people British visas so they would escape from Hitler’s tyranny.

In 1946, she was in Jerusalem when she managed to escape a bomb at the King David Hotel. The explosion killed 100 people, but she survived.

In 1963, the woman strikes again. Hollingworth was sure spy Kim Philby was working with Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and many others. To make a great story, she spent three months in Russia.

The reporter died this Tuesday, in Hong Kong. A woman she has saved, Margo Stanyer, remembers her as a “grand lady”.

Cathy Hilborn Feng, a friend of Hollingworth, said she passed away with a smile on her face. In Hong Kong, the reporter was part of the Foreign Corespondents’ Club, who mourned her, a “tremendous inspiration”.

Her grand-nephew wrote her biography, that says she was a great foreign correspondent and had a huge ability to approach officials.