The 22-year-old man killed in 2015 nine Black people in the basement of a church in Charleston. The judge decided after a three hours trial that Roof needs to die. 12 jurors came up to this decision.

In June 2015, Roof joined a Bible study where he set the place on fire. The jury that then accused him of hate crime is the one that decided his death. As he learned about the jury’s decision, Roof did nothing to fight for his life.

There are 63 people that have been sentenced to death, since 1988 only three were executed.

Jay Richardson is sure that he well deserves the punishment, given the fact that he calculated his move for years. He is a racist, who has Adolf Hitler as an idol.

The trail that decided his sentence started on January 3rd and finished on Tuesday. Families of the ones killed have testified in court, they have discussed his apparent reasons.

Cynthia Graham Hurd, one of the victims, had a passion for books and became a librarian, said her family. Her brother said that Roof does not have the right to live as the other nine are dead.

Ethel Lance’s daughter was left without a mother. She and her siblings don’t have anyone to protect them.

According to a police officer, months before the massacre, Roof was looking on sites to find people that shared his beliefs.

To conclude, the prosecutor says that sentencing him to death is the right decision, as he planned the whole massacre in advance and was looking to incite more violence.

Roof chose to have no lawyer and refused to testify. He chose to speak about hatred, defending his actions.